Meet The Faces Behind Bean Counters Bookkeeping Ltd

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We are Tamara Read and Tara Rogers, the proud owners of Bean Counters Bookkeeping Ltd. We look forward to sharing our story and hope you enjoy getting to know us better.

We have both been in the bookkeeping business for twenty-plus years, we have worked in the public and private sectors. One thing we both have in common is we took a different approach to bookkeeping, we not only wanted to provide our clients with exceptional service and superior bookkeeping skills but also the tools to take on doing their own bookkeeping with confidence, this led us to creating Bean Counters Bookkeeping Ltd.

Technology has taken the bookkeeping field to a whole new level. The recent pandemic also served to streamline the need for more modern technology in the bookkeeping world. Being able to do a client’s books remotely without having to gather the garbage bag or shoebox of receipts is amazing. As business owners, we appreciate the flexibility to have a better work-home-life balance. 

Why we’ve been successful

Our dedication, honesty, efficiency, and continuous learning set us apart as individuals. We attribute our success to our wonderful clients who referred us to their friends and other business owners. We also have a fantastic networking team, and we are able to pull ideas and strategies that have proven beneficial.

We are proud to have won the New Firm of the Year Award in our first year of business through CPB Canada (Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada) 2022. Winning this award would not have been possible without the inspiration and support from our clients, family, and friends. We have the deepest respect & admiration for all of you in supporting us on our journey. We sincerely thank each one of you for helping us reach a stage where we can proudly hold up this award as a mark of our achievements. Thank you!!

During our downtime

When not at work, we each have our hobbies and varied interests. However, family is important to us both, and we spend as much time with our loved ones as possible.

We have enjoyed sharing our stories about the things which matter to us and how they influence the way we do business. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise in bookkeeping, we invite you to get in touch. Please call us at (403) 350-7979  or email us at


Tamara and Tara